One of the important traditions in our culture is henna night. However, in recent years, traditional henna nights have gained a very different dimension with the hands of the organization firms. Now you do not have the single option on henna nights; on the contrary, you have unlimited options.  Therefore, there are distinct concepts of henna nights that would attract the attention of those who did not consider hosting a henna night. This makes it difficult for the bride’s decision-making process, but it is still extremely meaningful for your guests to leave with wonderful memories and have an unforgettable night.

Here are some of the most popular and different henna night concepts we have compiled in order to give you an idea …

Pakistan Henna Night Concept

Pakistan henna night is one of the most popular concepts in for years. In the transition of such entertainments into current years, Pakistan henna nights have made great contributions. If you are dreaming of a henna night where you will have plenty of dancing, this fun concept is for you. In the night where multicoloured Pakistan dresses are worn, tattoos of Pakistan henna are applied to guests and to the bride-to-be. With your Pakistan henna night concept, you will definitely be remembered.

Outdoor Henna Night Concept

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The outdoor henna night is a Favorite for brides who will get married in spring and summer months. Besides, a henna night to be held at open-air provides you with many organization ideas. Whether you make a gipsy concept or village henna night … The choice is up to you! Outdoor henna night offers you a very wide range from a very simple henna night to a flashy henna night. You also have the chance to create a friendly atmosphere where your guests will be more relaxed and welcoming.


One of the favorite dances of ladies is of course belly dancing. This dance is essential at weddings and henna ceremonies and you may prefer it as sole concept of your henna night. For this henna night, you will dance a lot, of course you need to get the appropriate oriental clothes. If you want to exaggerate further, you can take a little lesson on oriental and let your guests have an unforgettable night.

Pink Henna Night Concept

Pink is an essential color for some ladies. They even carry this passion into every area of their lives. It will be a very good decision to make a pink henna night concept for such people. A pink-dominated henna night with traditional rituals will make you feel like you are at a bachelorette party and you and your guests will have an unforgettable night. In this concept, you can arrange everything from the tables to the chairs the caftan you will wear; from the gifts you will give to your guests to the throne in pink.

Concept of Ottoman Style Henna Night

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For nostalgia lovers and those requesting to live a nostalgic night, a traditional henna night of Ottoman style will be profoundly proper. Costumes, accessories, glamorous bride throne resembling the scenes loved television series Magnificent Century will be a memorable evening. You can take a lot of photos by wearing your traditional outfits and then wearing a flamboyant dress like the sultans in the harem, and enjoying the best of the night.

Henna Night in a Turkish Bath

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Bridal bath is one of our oldest traditions. Even though the traditions are not frequently practiced, if you wish, you may turn this tradition into concept of your henna night. This will make your family members happy and have fun with your friends. Especially if you choose baths with pool and Jacuzzi, you can both relax and have fun at the same time. Moreover, while doing all these things at the same time; you will also get accustomed to Turkish customs.

Modern Henna Night

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Those who do not want to hold a henna night but also would like to please relatives may opt to organize a modern henna night. If you do not like entertainments held in costumes, you may hire a venue and have a good time. After a short henna ceremony, you may dance to the accompaniment of a DJ, take photos with humoristic frames.